1. China’s green transformation outlook 2020-2050 (led by Brendan Gillespie)

Brendan Gillespie has been invited to join a Task Force established under the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) to examine the greening of China’s development model. The Task Force will examine opportunities and challenges for how China’s pattern of development could be made more environmentally sustainable,focusing on the periods 2016-30 and 2030-50.  The project was launched in April 2016 and will be concluded by the end of 2017.  It is being led by the Chinese Development Research Centre of the State Council.  The results of this work are also expected to contribute to the formulation of the work plan for the next phase of the CCICED’s work, 2017-20.

Client: China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development
Duration: April 2016 – December 2017

2. G7 report on policy options for resource efficiency (led by Brendan Gillespie)

At their 2015 meeting in Germany, G7 leaders asked for two reports on resource efficiency to be prepared: a synthesis report highlighting the most promising potentials and solutions; and a complementary report that develops policy guidance. The UNEP International Resource Panel was asked to prepare the first, and the OECD the second. The OECD asked Brendan Gillespie to draft the OECD report. The two reports, and follow-up work, will be considered at 2016 meetings of G7 Environment Ministers and Leaders.

Client: OECD, Paris – France

3. Climate Change Adaptation Advisory Services to Support the Preparation of the Strategic Programs for Climate Resilience (SPCR) in Africa (Led by Aziz Bouzaher).

Under the sponsorship of the African Development Bank (AfDP), six African countries were recently selected for the second round of Climate Investment Funds (CIF) financing, under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). As the long-term climate change adaptation expert for AfDB, Aziz Bouzaher will support government agencies prepare their Strategic Programs for Climate Resilience for CIF financing.

Client: The African Development Bank, Abidjan – Cote d’Ivoire
Duration: May 2016 – June 2017

4. Strengthening environmental and social due diligence in World Bank development policy and results-based lending (led by Aziz Bouzaher)

While the World Bank is in the process of a major initiative to revamp its environmental and social safeguard policies for investment operations, more than a third of its lending is done through two other instruments, development policy finance and and program-for-results,which are subject to different risk management approaches and rely on the borrowingcountry’s systems and institutional capacity.

This project, investigates the effectiveness of the current system of environmental and social risk management in World Bank development policy and results-based lending, and provides recommendations for strengthening such asystem.

Client: The World Bank, Washington DC – USA
Duration: January – June 2016

5. Review the effectiveness of the World Bank’s current organizational structure for managing social and environmental risks in investment operations (led by Selvam Panneer)

The review provides an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and potential options for improving the current practices followed by the World Bank.

Client: The World Bank, Washington, DC USA
Duration: January-June 2016

6. Safeguards compliance review of Asian Development Bank investment operations (led by Selvam Panneer)

Selvam Panneer was engaged as a Senior Environmental Specialist by the Asian Development Bank’s Environment and Safeguards Division (SDES) to assist them in ensuring compliance with the ADB’s 2009 Safeguards Policy Statement (SPS).

During this period, Selvam reviewed the potential environmental impacts of several ADB-funded complex high-risk projects processed by ADB’s Operations Departments and provided advice on managing risks during preparation and implementation of these projects.

Duration: One month:  November 2015
Location: Manila, Philippines

7. Technical assistance for capacity building of Myanmar environmental institutions (led by Selvam Panneer)

Selvam Panneer was recently engaged by the Asian Development Bank to work in Myanmar to provide technical assistance (TA) for strengthening the capacity of the recently reconstituted Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF) and its Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) with a focus on sustainable management of natural resources and environmental quality.

The TA will undertake a comprehensive capacity development program to extend and consolidate environmental quality management capacity and capability within ECD and across relevant ministries.

Client: Asian Development Bank, Myanmar
Duration:  April 2016 – June 2017

8. Management of the operations of Palacio & Associados, a Global Consulting Company with offices in Madrid, Brussels and Washington, DC. (led by Venu Venugopal).

The company assists several international companies in expanding business opportunities and provide strategic consulting in finance, technical assistance, government relations and helps in clearances and advice on procurement, assisting with local partners and risk mitigation.  Operational areas include Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Far East.

Client: Palcio & Assiciados, Washington, DC USA
Duration:   2013-2015

9. Technical assistance on solid waste management to the Governments of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (led by Mohammed Bekhechi).

The focus is on the development of strategies for waste management, including the preparation of Public Private Partnerships for Solid Waste Management using different technologies such as Waste-to-Energy.

Client: Governments of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

10. Technical assistance (led by Mohammed Bekhechi)

to the Government of Morocco for the development of new legal regulatory mechanisms for underground water management and re-use of de-polluted waters

Client: Government of Morocco

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